About Our Company

Since 1934 Layton Roofing Company has been serving the Intermountain Area, and is a respected leader in all areas of roofing.

The Company has been under new management since 2004 and has taken on a new professional outlook. We are confident in solving any roofing challenge. Our project managers and site superintendents have been trained in OSHA regulations and observe jobsite safety at all times. Our site superintendents are skilled in working with onsite personnel in communicating daily progress and solving unexpected situations as they arise.

Layton Roofing Company is unique in the roofing industry as we specialize in all types of roofing and waterproofing to better solve any roofing and waterproofing concerns. Our workers are cross-trained and more fully represent a true "journeyman" roofer as they have experience in performing each area of our trade.

If it's top quality roofing, maintenance, and waterproofing services you're in need of, check out all the advantages of Layton Roofing Company, our goal is to provide ideal solutions with just the right service you have been looking for.

Our Approved Roofing / Waterproofing Systems

Let us help find the right roofing solution for you.